Storytelling Workshops

Let us bring the training to YOUR office!
We know your team is busy, and leaving the office to attend a seminar or workshop may be difficult. So let us bring the training to you! We can travel to your company and provide a full-day on-site workshop designed for you and your digital analytics team. Designed for up to 25 people, this option allows your entire team to receive the benefits of our storytelling workshop without having to leave the office.

Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of context when creating stories for different audiences
  • To recognize and eliminate the clutter clouding your information
  • How to direct your audience's attention to your most important points
  • Secrets to leveraging the power of storytelling to help your message resonate with your audience

Workshop Description:

One of the hardest parts about digital analytics is getting people to pay attention. We’ve got numbers to prove our point. We have rich data no one cares about. We want to influence the organization but people don’t give us the time of day. But what if we could woo audiences instead of presenting to blank stares? What happens when we think like a storyteller?

In this day-long presentation, author and nationally recognized business storyteller Carla Johnson will teach us the secrets to telling stories that inspire any audience to sit up, pay attention and take action. You’ll learn why storytelling is the key to changing attitudes and behaviors. She’ll show how to properly architect and tell stories that make people clamor to hear more from us. You’ll walk away ready to turn mathematical minutiae into intriguing business narratives. 

Host a Storytelling Workshop

For more information about DAA's on-site Storytelling Workshop, contact us or call Brooke Weldon at 1-781-876-6268.

On-Site Workshop Pricing:
DAA Member:  10K (up to 25 students)
DAA Non-Member:  15K (up to 25 students)

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Are you ready to become a storyteller?

Interactive Exercises include:

  • Evaluating current information for “storability”
  • Identifying and understanding audience(s) and what interests and motivates them
  • Discovering what types of stories motivate which audiences and when
  • Deciphering and prioritizing insights from data and analytics
  • Structuring insights into a story architecture
  • Small and whole-group discussions throughout on case-studies and examples shared by the instructor

Instructor: Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson speaks about turning marketers into storytellers Carla Johnson helps marketers become storytellers. She works with companies to develop frameworks and build teams to tell better stories in order to develop deep relationships with customers and employees, create delightful experiences for audiences and generate top-line revenue. Her clients include Motorola Solutions, Dell, Emerson, VMware, Western Union, American Express, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other corporate, government and nonprofit organizations.
Named one of the top 20 most influential content marketers, one of top 25 business-to-business marketers, and one of the top 50 women in marketing, Carla is the co-author of Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, which teaches marketers how to develop, manage and lead the creation of valuable experiences for their organizations. She also serves as the Vice President of Thought Leadership on the Board of Directors for the Business Marketing Association, an instructor for the Content Marketing Instituteand the Association for National Advertisers, is a frequent speaker and writes about creativity and innovation, the power of brand storytelling, and customer experience for the Content Marketing InstituteChief Content Officermagazine, CMSwireand other media outlets. Follow her on Twitter @carlajohnson.

On-Site Workshop Pricing

DAA Member: 10K (up to 25 students)
Non-Member: 15K (up to 25 students)

(Workshops provided outside the U.S. will be slightly higher due to travel costs.)