DAA Seattle Symposium October 2011

The Future of Analytics: Leading the Modern Enterprise

October 3, 2011 | Microsoft Campus, Redmond, WA
Expected attendance: 350 people

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Just as raw materials fueled the industrial age, data is fueling the information age. And never before have businesses been in greater need of leaders that can translate data into a competitive advantage. Come meet and learn from some of the top executives in the field of Digital Analytics at the DAA Seattle Symposium. This event will bring together leaders from throughout the digital analytics industry to show how they are using data to drive successful businesses.

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Attendees at the inaugural Seattle Symposium Vendors at the inaugural Seattle Symposium Eric T. Peterson speaks at the Seattle Symposium


Topic Speakers(s)
Welcome Peter Sanborn
President, DAA
Principal, Web Analytics, Microsoft Corporation
Moving from Web Analytics to Marketing Optimization
Over the last five years, Expedia has undergone a journey from basic, and somewhat disjointed web analytics to managing all aspects of its business via centralized, standardized data. Today Expedia is able to focus on innovation, testing, and optimization that results in meaningful improvements to the business — with analytics at the heart of everything. Joe will talk through Expedia's journey and some of the lessons learned along the way.
Joe Megibow
DAA Director
VP and General Manager, Expedia US
Dashboards Are Not a Strategy: Creating a True Competitive Advantage in an Increasingly Digital World

Despite over fifteen years of attention, investment, and evolution, most companies still fail to take advantage of the incredible volume of data pouring off of every single click, view, share, like, tweet, and transaction that happens on the Internet. Otherwise brilliant companies have developed an over-reliance on dashboards and reports that is hampering their ability to leverage digital data to create a strategic competitive advantage. In this keynote presentation, Mr. Peterson describes the solution based on a combined 30 years of experience with digital measurement, analysis, and optimization.

Eric T. Peterson
CEO and Principal Consultant, Web Analytics Demystified
Panel of Experts Moderator:
Steve Petitpas, General Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Gary Angel, President, Semphonic
Robert Ashby, Director, Microsoft Corporation
Phil Mui, Google
Steven Tilston, Sr. Director, Expedia
Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends
Networking Break/Exhibit Browsing
Why Lifetime Value Matters In A Real-Time, Conversion-Based World

For many, lifetime value is an old-school concept that isn’t relevant in a real-time, conversion-based world. Others earnestly wish to measure lifetime value, but do not have the data or financial assumptions necessary to calculate lifetime value. In this session, Kevin Hillstrom explores simple analytics and metrics that help the web analyst understand and communicate the important differences between conversion analytics and lifetime/longterm value. Most important, Kevin will share information about the ways that marketers use financial assumptions and conditional probabilities to make informed decisions when perfect data doesn’t exist.

Kevin Hillstrom
President, MineThatData
The Future of Analytics – Are We There Yet?

Jim Sterne has spent the past twenty years looking over the horizon and reporting what he sees. Will technology save us from the data deluge? Will the mysterious arts of analysis become required curricula? Jim reports back from his latest observations on the future of web analytics, marketing analytics and Big Data in general.

Jim Sterne
Chairman, DAA
President, Target Marketing
DAA Seattle Chapter Casey Doyle
Business Development & Strategy Analyst, Microsoft Corporation
Closing Remarks Peter Sanborn
President, DAA
Principal, Web Analytics, Microsoft Corporation
Networking Reception/Exhibit Browsing
Microsoft Conference Center

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