DAA Chicago Symposium 2013

Connecting the Dots
Optimizing the Customer Experience in an Omnichannel World

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
10:30 - 12:00pm Student & Entry Level Primer
12:00 - 1:00pm Registration, Networking & Exhibit Browsing
1:00 - 5:30pm Symposium
5:30 – 7:00pm Cocktails & Reception

The Mid-America Club
200 E Randolph Drive, 80th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60601

The customer experience is evolving rapidly - digital-savvy consumers are interacting with your brand and the purchase funnel in more mediums than ever before, and analytics is still responsible for smart optimization and insights across all of them.

How will you make sure you can compete and win by leveraging this data, rather than be crippled by the sheer volume and complexity of data in the new digital landscape?

Join expert brand, agency, and technology panelists at the DAA Chicago Symposium to make sure you have the right game-time strategies in place to win with your analytics!

Andrew Swinand, CEO Cardinal Path and Co-Founder of Abundant will kick the Symposium off as our Keynote speaker and dive deep into the interplay between the consumer journey and analytics. Andrew will discuss key strategies to close the gap between demand moments and decision points, the importance of integrating your data, and insights into how analytics can drive long term profitability for your organization.

Other Speakers Include:

  • Casey Carey, CMO at Adometry
  • Tony Bombacino, BrightTag
  • Jarvis Mak, SVP, Customer Success at RocketFuel
  • Yakaav Kimelfeld, Chief Research Officer at Milward Brown
  • Madan Bharadwaj, VP, Product Management at Visual IQ
  • Mike Perlman, SVP, Agency & Publisher Solutions for Millward Brown Digital.
  • Amit Kadam, Director of Strategy & Analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group
  • Claudia Smalley, Director of Marketing Optimization at Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide

Reasons to attend:

  • Learn how to drive growth within your organization with best practices and tactics you can bring back to your office.
  • Gain insights on attribution, real-time reporting, segmentation, tag management, and much more
  • Meet and Network with 200+ brand, agency and technology analytics professionals from the Midwest and beyond


Registration for DAA members is at the discounted price of $25, while non-members can register for $75. Students may register at the discounted rate of $10 by entering the promo code "Student"; note you must register using your .edu email account to register at this special price.

Cancellation Policy
No refunds will be given for cancellations received after August 16, 2013.


Time Title Speakers Description
10:30-12:00pm Connecting the Dots
(For Students & Entry Level)
Braden Carlson
Sr Analyst at Digitas
Kris Young
Sr Analyst at Digitas
Don Drews
President, Courageous Marketing
Debra Zahay-Blatz
Professor of Marketing at Aurora University
Kelsey Horine
Director, Digital Analytics Consulting, Eplison
If you want to ʺbreak inʺ into Digital Marketing and/or Omni-Channel Analytics or if you've just ʺbroken inʺ (welcome!). But if you desire greater awesomeness, we've assembled some of our local DAA members to talk discuss:
- Omni-Channel Marketing
- Attribution
- Career Advice
- "Ask me Anything" Panel
12:00-1:00pm Registration & Exhibit Browsing
1:00-1:10pm Welcome & DAA Remarks Claudia Smalley
Director of Analytics at Arc/Leo Burnett
1:10-1:30pm Keynote Address: Analytics and the Consumer Journey: Driving Greater Loyalty and Profitability Andrew Swinand
CEO Cardinal Path and Co-Founder of Abundant Venture Partners
Delivering an exceptional customer experience isn't just about becoming more customer centric it also involves maximizing the opportunities that come from every interaction throughout the consumer journey. Mapping analytics to the journey plays a key role in ensuring the customer receives a consistent, personalized and compelling experience. Optimization and alignment around this strategy—ultimately serves to benefit the brand and consumer in equal proportion. Andrew will discuss key strategies to close the gap between demand moments and decision points, the importance of integrating your data, and insights into how analytics can drive long term profitability for your organization.
1:30-2:00pm Panel: Around the Horn Brett Mowry
Founder, Second Act Marketing
Mark Dye
Co-Founder/SVP, Business Development, Bizo
Matt Miller
SVP, Strategy & Analytics, Performics
Michael Kaushansky
EVP, Chief Analytics Officer, Havas 
Jennifer Faraci Colton, Digitas
A fun half hour debate on the hottest analytics-related topics. We will choose the topics and give each of the analytics guru panelists a chance to share their opinion, giving them points based on point-of-view, good arguments and style. The winner gets 2 uninterrupted minutes to expand on their POV. This is going to be a lot of fun. Roll up your sleeves, put a smile on your face, and let's go…
2:00-2:10pm Multi-Channel Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey - Part I Amit Kadam
Director, Strategy & Analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group
Introduction to Multi-channel Attribution: What? Why? How?
2:10-2:30pm Casey Carey
CMO at Adometry
You know that without good data, your next steps are limited. This session will focus on the topic of data collection for attribution and Casey will help answer questions like:
What data is most valuable?
What data is must have vs. nice to have?
What are some of the challenges to getting good data for attribution modeling?
2:30-2:50pm Madan Bharadwaj
VP of Product Management at Visual IQ
Technology goes to the heart of any attribution based marketing strategy, so it is important that have right tools and technology in place. Attribution technology is somewhat of a "black box" to most of us. Join Madan as he gives you all a peek behind the curtain into how to build a best in class modeling technology stack and the tools/vendors to get you there.
2:50-3:20pm Networking Break & Exhibit Browsing
3:20-3:40pm Multi-Channel Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey - Part II Yaakov Kimelfeld
Chief Research Officer at Millward Brown Digital

Michael Perlman
SVP, Media Practice at Millward Brown Digital
The bread and butter of any attribution initiative is the model. Here we explore the common questions of:
What makes a good attribution model?
What are the different methodlogies to build the model? Do attribution models vary by client and industry?
How do you know when an attribution model is working (or not)?
3:40-4:00pm Jarvis Mak
SVP, Customer Success at Rocket Fuel
Attribution achieves a common goal of assigning value to channel marketing activities but doesn't stop there. The next step is about turning that insight into action. Jarvis will answer questions like:
What are the outcomes of an attribution models?
Is it possible to affect campaign performance in real-time and how?
4:00-4:40pm Panel: Attribution, That's a Wrap - Part III Attribution Speakers Panel There are few things more complicated in Omni-channel analytics than attribution. It is such a red hot topic in our industry, and yet it is so poorly understood. Now is your chance to ask our panel of experts all of those questions you have been storing up.
4:40-5:15 Fireside Chat: How Simplicity at Every Touch Point Yields a Powerful Brand Experience Tony Bombacino, BrightTag

Shelby Saville, EVP, Managing Director at Spark Communications

Kristin Haarlow, VP, Director at Spark Communications
It's no surprise that marketing and technology companies are rethinking the customer journey. Whether they're B2B or B2C, these companies are focused on creating simple, useful and enjoyable brand experiences for their customers across all touch points -- products, services, communications, interactions and beyond. In this session, you'll learn how marketing and technology have united to cohesively enable organizations to create better brand experiences more easily.
5:15-5:25 Top 10 Insights   After spending an action-packed day with the Chicago DAA folks your brain is probably in overdrive compiling a list of key points to take back to your office. Sit back and relax as we pull the top 10 Insights from the day for you, David Letterman style.
5:25-5:30 Closing & DAA Website Demo    
5:30-7:00pm Networking Reception


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