DAA Austin Symposium 2016

Destination Omni Channel, Are We THERE Yet??

June 2, 2016

The University of Texas at Austin
Commons Learning Center
10100 Burnet Road, Bldg 137
Austin, TX 78758

Gone are the days of single channel customer experience, simple customer journeys and streamlined data sources. The journey from single channel to omni channel, has been filled with many roadblocks and detours that have made it difficult for analytics professionals to find a clear solution to data integration, multi-channel application compatibility, and a unified customer experience across an omni-channel environment.

Learn from our speakers and panel of experts on how they were able to serve a seamless customer experience across across an omni-channel environment.

eCommerce Analytics by Judah Phillips


The DAA Austin Chapter is excited to offer an exclusive opportunity – A conversation with keynote speaker Judah Phillips. Judah is the founder of SmartCurrent and author of several books on analytics. He has served on the boards of technology-centric companies and is a former V.I.P. (Venture Incubation Program) at Harvard Innovation Lab where he advised Harvard start-ups about analytics and data science. Judah has also been nominated by the DAA as the "Most Influential Industry Contributor" for several years.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Judah in a small group setting over lunch, have an intimate discussion on analytics and receive a signed copy of his latest book “Ecommerce Analytics: Analyze and Improve the Impact of Your Digital Strategy”.

Seating is limited.  Reserve your seat today.

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Casey Carey, President, Digital Analytics Association (emcee)


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Marilee Yorchak, Executive Director, Digital Analytics Associaton


Omnichannel Digital Analytics

In this session, learn a practitioner perspective about "omnichannel" digital analytics.  What does "omnichannel" mean?  Is it real or hype or a recasting of existing concepts using new vocabulary?  Are companies actually doing it - or is it more aspirational? And if they are doing how does digital analytics play a role in it or aspire to play a role in it?

Judah Phillips, Founder and Principal, SmartCurrent


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Data Quality and System Requirements for Omni-Channel Analytics

Why does data matter? The challenge of Omni-channel analytics is linking engagement across channels which are often in separate platforms and systems - anonymous browsing, social, online engagements, sales, email and offline. In this session, Jack Speyer will discuss how to link data from multiple systems into a single Reporting, BI and Marketing platform.

Jack Speyer, Director, Customer Relationship Management, SunPower


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6 Customer Journey Myths We Shattered using Data & Analytics

The Buyer journey is getting longer and customers are spending more time analyzing the brands and the products they want to purchase. Brands on the other hand are collecting more data on customers buying habits, purchase cycle, marketing channel interaction and digital footprints. However, the data is not used to appropriately and this creates lots of confusion about buyer’s journey. In this session, we will uncover how to use data and analytics to truly understand your customer’s journey and break the common myths held inside your organization.

Sameer Khan, Director of Web Analytics and Demand Gen, Alert Logic


Servicing Customers While Searching for the Holy Grail

Multichannel retailers have more challenges than ever before to meet customers’ expectations. Without a perfect omnichannel infrastructure in place, what is a retailer to do? Learn ways to manage customers’ growing expectations while on the journey toward becoming omnichannel.

Kelley Anderson, Director of CRM, Golfsmith


“Speed Dating” Interactive Session

DAA Austin Planning Team


The Data Hiker’s Guide to Microsoft.com: Ads to Web

On opposite ends of the Microsoft Universe lay the great mega cosmic clouds of Microsoft.com web data and Global Advertisement Off-Network Ad data. The great distance between the data clouds had never been traversed and the great mysteries contained within the clouds were unknown to the Universe. But then a brave team of intrepid Data Engineers penetrated the darkest reaches of space and time to create a wormhole, connecting the two mega clouds. Tasked by his overlord Shawn Vader to bring back the great mysteries, one daring Analyst and his fellow intergalactic Data Hikers have made the journey through the wormhole and across the Microsoft Universe. In this entry of The Data Hiker’s Guide to Microsoft.com we learn how the discoveries made during this journey are being used to guide the next generation of Data Hikers and drive a more holistic view of Microsoft’s digital customers.

Travis Ryan, Product Intelligence Manager, Microsoft


Looking at your Career from a Turkey's Perspective and What to do Instead.

Most turkeys are hatched into a safe environment. They are then fed everyday. Everyday is very predictable and more importantly safe. Life is really good until... the fourth Thursday of November when suddenly life as a Turkey does not look so good. Does this sound like your career?

Are you prepared when your current job or project ends?

Let me give you a system called the Targeted Job Search which will give you a step by step process, so you do not look like a turkey when your job or project comes to an end.

Marc Miller, Career Design Specialist, Career Coach


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Attendees of the Luncheon wll receive a free copy of Judah Phillips' new book, ECOMMERCE ANALYTICS. 

Featuring: Judah Phillips, Founder and Principal, Smart Current