"The exam checked my knowledge related to web analytics application under various scenarios. There were times when it seemed like more than one option is correct but the key lies in reading the question carefully and that would help to narrow down to right answer."

Shikha Jain

"The questions in this exam were clear and helpful. I most appreciated the case study as it helped me practice problem-solving, critical thinking and analytics thinking skills."

Damaris Lasa

"Judy was incredibly helpful and supportive during this process. Many thanks to her and DAA :)"

Lindsey Bredin

"I very much like the 'case study' questions, as those test my practical application of knowledge much better than the short form questions."

Michael Golas

"A pretty good exam. Support worked very well."

Tiago Santos

"For me the CWA stands out as the main tool independent certification when it comes to analytics, so I was very satisfied with achieving it. For me it was one of my personal goals at the time and I honestly felt validated in my analytics skills when I passed.

By having the certification you become more attractive both as a consultant and as an employee, because your understanding of analytics is actually documented. In a world with a lot of self-proclaimed gurus, you are actually able to put some official credibility where you mouth is."

Steen Rasmussen CWA™, Copenhagen Denmark

"We know that having the right tools and technologies is only half the battle. Acquiring the talent that is capable of taking the data and making an impact on the business is where the rubber meets the road."

The Digital Analytics Association's Certification™ program, as a symbol of excellence, represents a huge advance for the web analytics community and a victory for all companies and organizations that want to be data-driven.

Corry Prohens, NY NY USA

"Our passion as analysts is to explore relevant findings where others see chaos.
A CWA has proven this passion for data underlined by an internationally regarded certificate."

Marcel Martschausky, CWA™, Berlin Germany

"The CWA™ title has been beneficial, especially at conferences that are not analytics specific but in the broader industry. The CWA™ title has given a sense of credibility."

Ryan Flanagan, CWA™, Melbourne, Australia

Ionmoon is a small web analytics consulting service in Almelo, The Netherlands which is on the 'wrong side of the country.' In December, 2010, I became a Certified Web Analyst™and the business has grown ever since. I even got a "big" client which I never would have dreamed of. My Certification was a crucial point in their decision.

This week, another potential client called - also from the other part of the country - who said they were interested because I'm certified. Prospective clients in Germany find being certified even more important. I can certainly recommend that web analysts take the exam and get certified. It really makes a difference for your own company or when you are applying for a job.

Geddy van Elburg, CWA™, Netherlands

"The journey in the past 13 months has been great, and here (CWA) is the new start. Thanks, DAA!"

Tom Tao, CWA™, London Ontario Canada

"Just signed a client that found me on the @DAAorg website. Yes Virginia, the system works! Thanks @DAAorg! Thanks certification!"

Elizabeth Brady, CWA™, Boston MA USA

"I would highly recommend to get certified as a CWA, as it shows dedication to and passion for the field of digital analytics."

Sven Kliem, CWA™, Berlin Germany

"The CWA™ certification was an excellent assessment of my experience and knowledge in all areas of the digital space. Its thoroughness illuminated my strengths and opportunities for continued mastery. The tests helps demonstrate that I can provide a valid contribution to a digital roadmap with a broad range of ideas, skills, and goals; it's a very valuable designation and experience for professionals who are shaping the digital marketing landscape."

Maureen Fogel, CWA™, Collierville, TN USA

"You can't pretend to be an expert, you can only be recognized as such. One of the best ways to attest to your expertise is by becoming a Certified Web Analyst"

Stéphane Hamel, Ste-Petronille Quebec Canada

About the DAA Web Analyst Certification Program™

The DAA Web Analyst Certification Program™ is designed to identify not only analysts with broad domain knowledge, but also, and more importantly, analysts demonstrating a high level of analytical and problem solving ability across the entire web business spectrum. The certification exam covers the following key areas:

  1. Web Analytics for Site Optimization
  2. Measuring Marketing Campaigns Online
  3. Creating and Managing the Analytical Business Culture

For more information, please explore the other pages in this section.

Benefits of Certification

Certification places professionals with the credential apart from those without it. DAA Certified Web Analysts™ demonstrate a commitment to the profession and a desire to reach the highest standards. Certification provides individuals with:

  • Public recognition of professional achievement
  • Credential that demonstrates expertise in web analytics
  • Enhanced credibility to clients and employers
  • Competitive advantage over non-certified individuals
  • Improved likelihood of employment and advancement within the field

Employers use certification to make informed decisions. Certification provides employers with a means to:

  • Identify potential new hires that already possess your company's required expertise
  • Promote your company's capabilities by employing certified web analysts
  • Enhance services provided from both a quality and financial perspective
  • Maintain a more productive human asset
  • Ensure ongoing professional development and proficiency of employees
  • Motivate employees to expand their knowledge and skills

Promotional activities are currently being developed by DAA that will help employers and potential clients identify and understand the benefits of working with individuals who have obtained the designation of a DAA Certified Web Analyst™.