Fast & standardised implementation of Nedstat solution SITESTAT INTEGRATED IN MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT

Thursday, April 08, 2010  
Posted by: Ferry Gijzel

Amsterdam, 8 April 2010 - Nedstat announced today that its web analytics solution Sitestat now works with the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework. Sitestat measurement codes can be implemented in an easy and standardised way for accurate insights into how consumers behave within Silverlight applications.


Using Nedstat's Sitestat component with the Silverlight Analytics Framework, designers and developers can simplify the tagging of their applications. This allows for proper reporting on the success metrics of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and media players created with Silverlight, without the effort of a custom implementation.


Nedstat developed the first component for the Silverlight Analytics Framework and presented a case study at Microsoft Corp.’s MIX10 conference in Las Vegas on March 15, where the Silverlight Analytics Framework was introduced.

"By standardising the implementation of measuring codes via the Silverlight Analytics Framework in a straightforward way, Microsoft has secured accurate insights into the complete navigation and interaction within Silverlight applications”, said Thomas Pottjegort, Senior Technical Architect at Nedstat. "Now with Sitestat and the Silverlight Analytics Framework, businesses can receive precise analytics on how consumers are behaving within their Silverlight applications.”


"The Silverlight Analytics Framework fills the need for developers and businesses to understand exactly how their audiences are navigating through their Silverlight applications”, said Brad Becker, Director of Rich Client Platforms and Tools at Microsoft. "The work that Nedstat had done to ensure its Sitestat solution works with the Silverlight Analytics Framework will allow developers to create Silverlight solutions that properly track those important metrics without needing to develop a custom implementation.”


The Silverlight Analytics Framework and the Sitestat component can be downloaded from



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