Allociné.com increases the number of videos viewed on their site by 20% with AT Internet

Wednesday, December 08, 2010  

Allociné.com increases the number of videos viewed on
their site by 20% in less than a month with AT Internet
Allociné.com launches targeted ‘push’ video offer thanks
to AT Internet’s Rich Media module and increases viewed video by 20%
Bordeaux, 22 June 2010 – AT Internet, a leading International web, mobile and social media analytics company is pleased to announce it is working with on optimising video content for its website visitors. AlloCiné has been online since 1997 and today dominates the French "film and TV series information” market. It is the largest movie trailer broadcaster in Europe with more than 800,000 videos viewed on a daily basis.
Using AT Internet’s Rich Media module, AlloCiné.com benefits from defining more than 20 interest criteria, allowing the company to monitor information such as the total playback rates for all types of videos, average playback duration, most viewed videos etc. These criteria can also be used to distinguish audience levels which have been generated internally, and via external platforms, for each trailer. With Rich Media tracking Allociné has learnt that videos which have been placed on external sites (blogs and other specialist sites) represent 10% of the total audience for all AlloCiné.com videos.
After subscribing to AT Internet’s Rich Media module, AlloCiné.com is now able to provide its customers with a selection of viewing suggestions based on interest they have shown on related video content. As a result Allociné.com has increased the number of videos viewed on their site by 20% in less than a month. Allociné.com has been able to expand its customer base whilst at the same time responding to the needs of film distributors and advertisers. Being able to analyse and measurevideos, which are viewed by Internet users is a major plus for AlloCiné.com.
Brice Richardson, Head of Research for AlloCiné explains that "Our objective is to continually refine our targeting practices and the quality of the content we have to offer. We needed to be able to accurately measure the audience for each video, the preferred content and interests of Internet users. Thanks to AT Internet’s Rich Media solution we are now able to do this”. AlloCiné.com has given cinema professionals direct access to audience data (taken from data that is provided by AT Internet) via the AlloCiné Pro platform. This access allows such professionals to
monitor Internet-user interest in films on a daily basis, and adjust their purchase of advertising space
Thanks to the Rich Media analyses, more than 180,000 extra videos are viewed on a daily basis. 
The full video playback rate (a playback duration which is greater than 95%), a key indicator which is used to measure Internet user interest, has not only allowed Allociné.com to discover that more than 60% of their videos were played back in their entirety, but has also allowed them to use this potential audience figure to their advantage by creating an unedited and targeted push offer: the Post Roll Trailer.
Whenever Internet users reach the end of a trailer, AT Internet suggests a second trailer that might be of interest to them. A targeted marketing effort delivers relevant content, which is specific to a viewer’s indicated behavioural preferences, and which is continually refined thanks to the Rich Media analysis. These analyses determine the performance of each of the combinations of video offered.
The content which is delivered to Internet users is specifically targeted to them depending on their preferences. The benefits of such targeted marketing efforts are twofold: more than 180,000 extra videos are viewed each day and film distributors have the added advantage of guaranteed visibility and performance metrics. Brice Richardson goes on to explain that "one variable was a true revelation for us: the full playback rate. The Post Roll Trailer was created based on this one variable. In less than a month, the number of our videos watched increased by 20%”.
About AT Internet
AT Internet is a leading independent Web and mobile analytics solution provider, established in 1995 and with 
offices in 10 countries worldwide. AT Internet prides itself on its customer centric approach and is able to boast 3,500 clients many of whom are widely recognised brands.
Currently measuring 350,000 Web sites, AT Internet has several awards and distinctions to its name including the 2009 Platinum Distinction for European Seal of E-Excellence 2009 awarded at CeBIT in Hannover, thesedistinctions underpin AT Internets core values of trust and integrity. AT Internet offers a robust and reliable best of breed SaaS Web and mobile analytics platform and partners with industry leaders to offer a complete solution to enhance your marketing intelligence and business effectiveness.
About the AT Internet Rich Media module
With more than 20 metrics (duration, playback, use etc), the Rich Media analysis module responds to all content editor needs by providing them with a complete range of multimedia feeds which can be found on a site including: audio, video, animation, podcasts, webcasts, streaming etc, irrespective of the format used such as swf, mp3, mp4 etc. The Rich Media V2 module is available as an option and is part of the Digital WorkSpace just like the other analyses.
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