AT Internet Signs Four New Technology Partners

Monday, October 17, 2011  

AT Internet signs four new technology partners bringing Email, SEO and PPC data into a single web analytics dashboard
Email, SEO and PPC vendor data now integrated within AnalyzerNX web analytics
London, 4 October 2011 – AT Internet, a leading International web, mobile and social media analytics company is pleased to announce that it has signed four new partners for its technology partnership programme. These new partners bring additional online intelligence data into the AnalyzerNX dashboard, allowing marketeers to make digital marketing decisions based on all of their data, rather than just some of it.
The four new partners are:
  • Searchmetrics, a Search analytics software company
  • Weborama, an ad serving partner
  • 1000mercis, an interactive advertising and marketing agency
  • and Dialog Mail, an email solutions provider

The AT Internet solution, AT Connect, joins AnalyzerNX (AT Internet’s web analytics tool), with third party platforms, via an API. The solution allows marketeers to strengthen and improve the
performance of their marketing campaigns in a much wider digital context.
Mathieu Llorens, CEO for AT Internet explains that, "Organisations must be able to analyse visitor interactions so that they can better target their online activities and increase ROI generated from campaigns. The integration of web analytics makes it possible to obtain accurate information which can be used to reach these objectives.”
The AT Connect solution responds to marketeers needs by bringing all their channel measurement metrics into one place, offering a centralised and intuitive dashboard without the need to log in to various different systems and compare disparate data.
Comment from CEO for weborama, Mathieu Roche "This partnership has allowed us to link Ad Centric with Site Centric data. Thanks to AT Connect’s AdPerf, which automatically integrates Weborama’s AdPerf adserver into AT Internet’s web analytics solution, marketing managers now have homogenous dashboards at their disposal as well as access to a real compressed vision of their online activity. Integrating the two solutions is a very simple procedure which provides numerous optimisation possibilities for improving the performance of online marketing tools. For Virgin Mobile, idTGV, BforBank and all other customers who have adopted the solution the benefits, as far as decision-making are concerned, have been massive”.
AT Connect Benefits:
  • Single intuitive interface
  • Easy tracking implementation
  • Centralised metrics allow for performance comparisons between :
    • contribution of impressions/post-view to conversion etc. for adserving,
    • domain/keyword SEO metrics such as number of backlinks, ranking and CPC,
    • open rates, click-rates etc. for email marketing
  • Retargeting possibilities by integrating user behaviour data into partner platforms
About the AT Connect technology programme
AT Connect is the technology partnership programme which has been established with service
providers from different sectors (adserving, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social commerce,
online surveys, etc.).
The aim of the AT Connect programme is to centralise, exchange and combine all service provider data for AT Internet clients, allowing them to improve the way in which they analyse the information, helping to deliver true Online Intelligence.
AT Connect is part of AT Internet’s range of solutions (AnalyzerNX, ObserverNX, uzzWatcherNX,
Channel OptimizerNX).

About AT Internet
AT Internet is a leading independent Web and mobile analytics solution provider, established in 1995 and with offices in 10 countries worldwide. AT Internet prides itself on its customer centric approach and is able to boast 3,500 clients many of whom are widely recognised brands.
Currently measuring 350,000 Web sites, AT Internet has several awards and distinctions to its name including the 2009 Platinum Distinction for European Seal of E-Excellence 2009 awarded at CeBIT in Hannover, these distinctions underpin AT Internets core values of trust and integrity.
AT Internet offers a robust and reliable best of breed SaaS Web and mobile analytics platform and partners with industry leaders to offer a complete solution to enhance your marketing intelligence and business effectiveness.

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