Semphonic Releases Profiles in Analytics 2011 Whitepaper

Wednesday, December 07, 2011  

NOVATO, CA – December 8, 2011 – Semphonic, the world’s largest independent Web analytics consultancy, released the results of this year’s "Profiles in Analytics” survey. The results, analysis and profiles are available on the Semphonic website at:

Compiled annually by VP of Strategic Analytics Phil Kemelor, "Profiles in Analytics” is targeted to digital analytics managers who lead programs in a range of organizations across multiple verticals. "This year’s survey focused on the role of overall Web governance on digital analytics,” said Kemelor.

"55 percent of the organizations who took part in this year’s survey indicated that they have Web strategies,” said Kemelor, "Yet only 30 percent indicated that they have Web governance councils. The question is: ‘Are the 30 percent with governance getting more out of analytics?’”

"Digital analytics is becoming more of a central task and less of one that is shared among other tasks, such as marketing, content management and Web operations,” said Kemelor. "The ‘data tsunami’ of fixed Web, mobile and social, plus the use of surveys, call center data, user experience testing and market research has created a ‘tipping point’ within organizations. The response: form a single point of expertise to manage all digital data. This survey takes a close look at how these new digital teams are most effectively (or least effectively) being leveraged by their organizations.”

Read more about Kemelor’s finding’s at the Semphonic website.

About Semphonic:

Semphonic is the world's largest independent Web analytics consultancy, with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Boston, New York, Washington, DC and Portland, OR. Founded in 1997, the company has helped leading corporations, government agencies and non-profits achieve measurable improvement in the performance of their Web channel. Clients include American Express, Charles Schwab, Genentech, the National Cancer Institute, Sears and Turner Broadcasting. Semphonic is also the driving force behind the premier web analytics conference, X Change. For more information about Semphonic, please visit:


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