E-Nor is a Google Tag Manager Specialist

Tuesday, November 20, 2012  
Posted by: Anne Powell

Tag Management Systems are to marketing tags, what Content Managements Systems are to website content. They essentially simplify the complex and mundane task of updating pages on your website by providing a management interface with which to construct, review and deploy marketing tags to your website. This process is made possible by first deploying a "container tag” to your site. A container tag is a small snippet of code which can "contain” additional javascript tags. The remainder of the tag deployment process is managed through an intuitive web interface in which you can define the tags that should be deployed, the pages on which they should be deployed, and the conditions that will trigger their execution.

For more information:

Visit http://www.google.com/tagmanager/

Download: Google Tag Manager Factsheet

Download: Google Tag Manager Technical Factsheet

We Can Set You Up!
E-Nor continues to lead the way in top-notch analytics services, so it was just natural for us to strive for the new Google Tag Manager (GTM) specialization. As Google Analytics Certified Partner, we have the ability to provide this highly beneficial service to our clients.

Google Tag Manager Benefits
The Google Tag Manager tool allows for:Digital marketing campaigns to run on your schedule, without having to rely on ITNew marketing tools deployed quickly and efficientlyAccurate and dependable data gathering, giving you peace of mindE-Nor works through the planning, process and strategy needed to develop the proper tag placement model each client with the new GTM portal. Through this portal, E-Nor has the ability to deploy a single tag into targeted areas, rather than the hassle of manual implementation of individual tags into the site’s HTML. The GTM is an efficient tool that is easily adaptable to already running digital marketing campaigns, or can be implemented into new campaigns. It is fast, reliable and intuitive. The GTM supports Google and third-party tracking and marketing tags, thus saving our clients time and money. For more information on how you can utilize the Google Tag Manager, contact E-Nor today.