Virtual Symposium 2020

May 19, 12:00 - 3:30 PM ET

Today community is more important than ever. DAA is here to support the digital analytics community, providing space for continued connections, learning, and resources.

Join us for our inaugural Virtual Symposium, bringing the connections and conversations of our in-person symposia online on May 19.

The Virtual Symposium is an opportunity to engage as part of our vibrant analytics community, provide opportunities for discussion, interaction, and conversation beyond presentations. The Virtual Symposium will include the sought-after speakers offered at our in-person symposia, sneak previews of October's OneConference content, as well as a live keynote presentation and facilitated breakout conversations on a variety of timely topics.

Put your brand to work in front of this engaged audience for this unique event today!



Tuesday, May 19, 2020

12:00 PM - Welcome by DAA Leadership
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Speaker Sessions including:
  • AI in Marketing: A To-Do List by Jim Sterne

    Marketing professionals and digital analysts of all stripes need a destination, a map, and expert navigation to help acclimatize to how artificial intelligence is going to impact their world. Jim Sterne has an impressive track record looking over the horizon and telling the rest of us what to expect. He wrote his first book, “World Web Marketing:” in 1995. He wrote “Web Metrics” in 2002, He wrote “Artificial Intelligence for Marketing” in 2017. This time, he explains what to expect – and what to do about it. Learn about today’s branding necessities, new tools & new rules, the augmented marketer, staying relevant, and tomorrow’s ecommerce conundrum. Come see what the world of marketing looks like when everything is a screen, all your data has been traded away for a pittance, and marketers have new tools with which to make age-old mistakes. Marketing is about to get weird. Hang on!

  • Why Organizations Struggle with Digital Analytics (and How to Overcome the Struggle!) by Adam Greco

    In this session, Adam Greco will walk through some of the reasons he has seen digital analytics implementations fail, and share some tips on how to avoid these issues. The content for this session is based upon two decades worth of Adam's experience.

  • Women in Analytics: Resources to Advance Your Skills on a Limited Budget by Anne Saylor

    Most analytics departments are being challenged to do more with less budget. This makes it more important than ever to seek out free or low-cost ways to continue to advance your analytics skills. This session will introduce you to quality resources for all levels that don’t break the bank. Come away with an actionable plan to use with yourself or your team, no matter what budget you’re working with.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Visualization by Randy Krum

    No matter what design tool you use, there are seven deadly mistakes made consistently by both expert and novice data designers. When your visualization is False, Haphazard, Textual, Questionable, Confusing, Repetitive, or Verbose it’s highly likely that the audience will ignore your design, and you can severely hurt your credibility. A well designed, data visualization is easy to understand and much more likely to be remembered by the audience. This talk will explore examples of these top seven mistakes designers often make, and more importantly, offers design tips to overcome these common design blunders.

  • Multi Armed Bandits: Going Beyond A/B Testing by Matt Gershoff

    We will review the basics of Multi Armed Bandits and contrast it with the classic Neyman-Pearson approach to A/B Testing. You will learn: 1) what a multi-arm bandit is; 2) the basic outlines of the epsilon-greedy and Thompson sampling algorithms; and 3) what are the types of problems that might lend themselves to using these methods.

  • Managing M&E Disruption with Data by Amber Zaharchuk

    While we have yet to see the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on any industry, those armed with data stand to respond best. The Media & Entertainment industry has been especially agile, meeting consumer demand for content and information in new and creative ways. In this session, we’ll examine the digital data that is driving M&E’s response to rapidly changing viewing habits.

2:00 PM - Remarks by Marilee Yorchak, Executive Director of DAA
2:05 PM - Live Keynote Address: Bringing Data Science to Marketing: Why Is it So Hard? by Tim Wilson

In the early 1900s, John Wannamaker noted, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." Ever since then—and at an accelerating pace—marketers have been obsessed with figuring out "which half." The precision, volume, and availability of digital data, combined with a siren song played by analytics vendors, has convinced marketers that "the truth" is out there: with enough data, placed in the hands of data scientists armed with machine learning algorithms, absolute truths will emerge! The reality is much more complicated, and data scientists and marketers often feel like they're talking past each other or speaking entirely different languages. This presentation will try to tease apart why this is and how we can start to address the challenge

2:30 PM - Sponsor Remarks - Adobe
2:35 PM - 3:35 PM - Live Breakout Sessions facilitated by members of the DAA community. Join the conversation on issues most pressing to the analytics industry today. Topics include Future of Analytics, Growing an Analytics Culture, Data Governance, A/B Testing, and Data Storytelling.
3:35 PM - Wrap-up by DAA Leadership