Volunteer Opportunities:  

Volunteers are the heart of DAA. Through their contributions of time, talent, and expertise, DAA is able to provide essential information and tools, exceptional experiences, and an engaging community. Together, we accomplish incredible things and move the digital analytics profession forward.

Join New Educational Task Force (2018 Initiatives)

DAA is recruiting for its next educational task force! Would you like to make a meaningful contribution to our community, while growing your own skills and making some new networking connections? Below is a summary of this new opportunity, if you think it may be good fit then please reach out to DAA Education Manager, Dayna Williams at dwilliams@digitalanalyticsassociation.org

Initial Duration: February 13 – April 13

Two Task Force Tracks: Webinar Committee or Short Certificate Committee (next up: Multivariate Testing)

Key Support Activities: Content selection and review, speaker/subject matter expert selection, light copy development, education product testing

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week, mostly flexible scheduling

We are pleased to invite current DAA members to volunteer for projects. We need your skills, passion, insight, and perspectives to build an energetic and diverse group of volunteers. If you're not yet a member, learn more about all the benefits of membership including volunteering.

DAA Code of Ethics Update - Volunteers Needed


In 2010 cookies, "Do Not Track" and privacy concerns were serious issues affecting the digital analytics industry. In that year, the DAA's first Code of Ethics was proposed and, after a crowd-sourced initiative involving hundreds of emails, blog posts/comments and tweets from 100+ contributors, the Code was launched.

Seven years later as we approach 2018, these issues continue to be debated while new ones like GDPR, AI, IoT, cybersecurity and alternative facts raise new questions about the ethical use of data.


In the interest of continuing to promote ethical data practices, giving the responsible treatment of consumer data the respect and attention it deserves, and helping to ensure the DAA has a stake in the conversation, we think it is time to revisit the Code of Ethics. The purpose of this task force is to:
  • Update the DAA's Code of Ethics language to reflect new DAA branding
  • Determine whether any new language should be added, changed or removed
  • Decide how to further promote the CoE
  • Discuss what role, if any, the DAA can/should play beyond the CoE

We are seeking a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 12 to help with this task force.


  • Read the Code of Ethics
  • Attend kick-off call
  • Participate in regular conference calls (approximately 2 - 4 one-hour calls per month for 4 months)
  • Come prepared to discuss your experience and opinion
  • Contribute by brainstorming, researching, writing, note-taking, surveying and promoting


  • Update and re-launch the Code of Ethics by April 30, 2018
  • Task force determined number of pledges

If you would like to volunteer for this task force or if you have questions, please contact DAA board member Aaron Maass.

DAA Community Task Force Volunteer Opportunity

Seeking volunteers interested in helping to increase participation in the DAA Community for the benefit of the membership. This will be a year long commitment.

Join the DAA Community Task Force to get leadership experience and an enhanced reputation among DAA members. Active volunteers will also receive a letter of participation that they can use in their personnel file.  

DAA Community Task Force Responsibilities:

  • Create conversation by starting new threads
  • Reply to unanswered posts
  • Encourage participation of other DAA members
  • Review Recipes in the Analytics Cookbook
  • Participate in a monthly call

Time Commitment for Volunteers:

There will be 2-3 hours of work per month. This group will use conference calls for group meetings but not all work will involve group discussion. Individuals will be able to complete tasks on their own when their schedule permits, such as reviewing recipes.

If you would like to volunteer for this task force or if you have questions, please contact Catherine Hackney at chackney@digitalanalyticsassociation.org.