DAA appreciates very much the contributions of all our member volunteers. Volunteers can also earn PDUs towards their CWA re-certification.

Be a Contributing Thought Leader!  No one else has your unique perspective and experience as a digital analyst! Why not share your insights and ideas with other analysts by contributing a Thought Leadership article to the DAA quarterly newsletter? Easy to follow guidelines are provided.

DAA Digital Implementation Revamp 2020

The Digital Analytics Association is looking to its members for help revamping our analytics implementation for 2020. This hands-on volunteer opportunity includes everything from creating strategic goals to setting up cross-domain tracking across our 5 web properties.

Volunteering your talents to help with these efforts will connect you with other passionate members of the DAA, gain insider insights, as well as count for CWA points. If interested, please email the chair, Garrett Mark Scott to get information about the implementation task library and see the scope of help we are seeking in detail.

Time Commitment

Approximately 4+ hours per task

Project Athena

We are a group of over 350 tech-involved people, ranging from developers, through data scientists, to lawyers, trying to come up with the best ways to use tech in developing new solutions against the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now one of the biggest work threads we have is related to collection and processing of all the necessary data (from statistics to audio files) to support all the other projects and we could definitely use some support of the like minded data professionals. Visit https://project-athena-covid-19.web.app for details to and help!

DAA Chapters Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteering with one of DAA’s 16 local chapters is a great way to give back to your community and network with other digital analytics professionals. Volunteers may assist Chapter Leaders with event planning, or volunteer to host or speak at a local event.

If you would like to volunteer with a local chapter, please contact the DAA Membership Team to be connected with the Chapter Leaders.


Join The DAA Educational Task Force (2020 Initiatives)

DAA is recruiting for its next educational task force! Would you like to make a meaningful contribution to our community, while growing your own skills and making some new networking connections? Below is a summary of this new opportunity, if you think it may be good fit then please reach out to DAA Education Manager, Adrienne Segundo.

Initial Duration: January through end of 2020 1-year Appointment

Looking for 6 individuals to serve this task-force.

Key Support Activities: content selection and review for webinars and other products, speaker/subject matter expert selection for short course certificate program, light copy development, education product testing and review of any DAA education offerings prior to launch

Time Commitment:

1-2 hours per week, mostly flexible scheduling
1-hour teleconference, monthly

We are pleased to invite current DAA members to volunteer for projects. We need your skills, passion, insight, and perspectives to build an energetic and diverse group of volunteers. If you're not yet a member, learn more about all the benefits of membership including volunteering.

DAA – Self-Assessment Task Force Opportunity


The Digital Analyst Self-Assessment is the ultimate professional development resource for digital analysts. Intuitive and easy-to-use, the self-assessment asks you to rate yourself against the key defined competencies of successful digital analysts. Once completed, you can see how you measure up in the job market, in your current role, and for job roles to which you aspire.

The Framework in which the DAA Self-Assessment is linked to, defines the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to succeed in the field of digital analytics. The Competency Framework spans three experience levels (Entry-Level, Mid-Level, and Senior), and across two professional tracks (Analytical and Technical). The Framework can be used by digital analysts, their employers, HR professionals, and educators.

The Competency Framework is designed to benefit professionals, organizations, and the industry as a whole:

  • Professionals: Identify your competencies and plan your career path.
  • Organizations: Assess applicants against a standardized set of competencies.
  • Industry: Establish consistency across all titles and positions in multiple sectors of the industry.
  • Academic Institutions: Prepare students to enter the field of Data Analytics.


The Digital Analyst Self-Assessment needs to continuously be maintained. Meaning, as new tools, resources, and other educational offerings become available we need subject matter expert volunteers to help us link these tools, resources, and other educational offerings to the self-assessment tool task statements. Thus, users of this tool will continuously have renewed resources available for their lifelong learning.

If you are interested in assisting DAA with linking external tools, resources, and other educational offerings to the self-assessment tool, please email DAA's Education Manager, Adrienne Segundo.

Time Commitment

10 – 15 hours over the duration of a few months

DAA OneConference Planning Team Opportunity

Planning for the second annual DAA OneConference is now in progress! Due to COVID concerns, OneConference 2020 will take place virtually this year, October 20-22. The OneConference planning committee will attend regular planning conference calls, assist DAA staff in planning the event, and provide input on topics and speakers of interest to the digital analytics community. The planning committee may also volunteer day-of-the event as needed.

Time commitment: About 1 hour per month initially, 2-3 hours per month leading up to the event

If you would like to volunteer for this committee or have questions, please contact the DAA Events Team.

DAA Quantie Awards Volunteer Opportunity

The Quantie Awards are the preeminent awards ceremony in the digital analytics industry. We are now in the process of planning the third annual event (taking place in October 2020 during the DAA OneConference). 

If you enjoy event planning, and improving a meaningful contest to recognize the best in our industry, you would be a great fit for our committee. The team works together to help establish the award categories, guidelines for entering, recruiting judges, marketing the competition, and planning the actual party itself.

This will be a year long commitment with a weekly phone conference call, supported by DAA staff and an existing, fun committee of DAA volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer for this committee or if you have questions, please contact the DAA Membership Team

DAA Mentoring Program Opportunity

Seeking experienced professionals interested in participating in the DAA Mentoring Program as mentors. One mentoring relationship is recommended to last six months and you are welcome to continue in the program as long as you want, setting your own schedule for meetings with mentees and your own limits on number of mentees to take on at any given time. This is a member-driven program and mentoring connections are initiated by participants in the program.


  • It will be the mentee’s responsibility to establish goals and will be the mentor’s responsibility to set expectations on what can be accomplished during the relationship.
  • The mentor will be responsive to mentee questions in between scheduled meetings and make time to meet with the mentee regularly with the expectation of meeting for a total of at least one hour per month.
  • The mentor will be respectful to the mentee by showing up to calls on time and giving advance notice if a call must be rescheduled.

Become a mentor and:

  • Be recognized as a leader and teacher within the digital analytics industry.
  • Gain a fresh perspective and learn from your mentee.
  • Experience the rewarding feeling of empowering your fellow analysts.
  • Earn CWA professional development units (PDUs) for participating.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor or if you have questions, please email mentoring@digitalanalyticsassociation.org.

DAA Search SIG Opportunities

Seeking volunteers to help this new SIG (Special Interest Group) become a success. Specifically looking for help with:

  • Webinar-style "Chat" planning
  • Topic suggestions
  • Production volunteers
  • Develop new "101" type content

The new Search Special Interest Group (Search SIG) encompasses the entire search engine and performance marketing sector. Our founding members were formerly members of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), now part of the DAA.

Search is an ever-changing landscape and over the past decade the role of search marketers has become multi-disciplined to include copywriting, analytics, coding, link building, social media, and much more. Whether organic or biddable - the industry has branched out into different specialties while remaining the foundational tool for all digital marketers.

The SIG has initial plans to migrate over some still-valuable Webinar and Research content, but collectively wants to start developing new and updated content on a regular basis with the DAA.

  • It is our goal to continue to plan and host Webinar-style "Chats" and to make ourselves available to the community to discuss intermediate and advanced Search + measurement topics.
    • We need to have someone lead this effort, and begin to put a calendar together
    • We need topics and volunteers to produce content similar to the past chats found here: https://bit.ly/3axnF47 (SEMPO YouTube Channel - Chats)
  • We also want to develop some current "101" type content for Search: Search Engines & Internal Search + Organic & Paid; and of course, Measurement!

If you are interested in participating, please join the Search SIG and contact us within the community.  Specific questions can be addressed to Chris Boggs.

Time Commitment
2-5 hours per month, with additional time (as available) invested during planning and ramp-up of the SIG.

Call for Papers!

Applied Marketing Analytics Journal has announced a call for papers for an upcoming special issue on Innovative Methods to measure Digital Marketing Analytics. Submit your paper by the September 15, 2020 deadline. Details here.