Women in Tech Maturity Model

The lack of women in leadership in technology is not simply a representational issue. Savvy leaders know improving representation will not fix the culture and environment that excluded women in the first place.

Where are you on your journey?

The Women in Tech Maturity Model (WiTMM) was developed to assist organizations in measuring where they rank on gender fairness through assessing topics like parental policies, bias reporting, promotional opportunities, and cultural norms. As we come out of this pandemic, the latest research shows women have experienced a greater impact from this pandemic than their male counterparts.
… The report from TrustRadius found that 57% of women surveyed said they experienced more burnout than normal during the pandemic, compared to 36% of men who said the same. That might be because 44% of women also report taking on extra responsibilities at work, compared to 33% of men. And a greater number of women (33%) report taking on more childcare responsibilities than men (19%) at home. Women in tech were also almost twice as likely to have lost their jobs or to have been furloughed during the pandemic than men (14% vs. 8%). - cio.com
The survey takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. Ideally, a variety of people in each organization will fill out the survey independently. This reveals the perceptual alignment within an organization as it may vary between front-line workers, management, human resources, etc.



Forward-thinking leaders will want to meet this challenge. But many leaders lack clarity and insight on the issues confronting their female leaders. Often there’s a perception the organization is doing well when in reality you’re falling behind your competition. DAA’s Maturity Model survey taken by as many people within an organization as practical, reveals where that organization ranks on a spectrum. The report then provides guidance on how to advance from one level to the next. The model focuses on gender fairness along a spectrum of five levels.



You will receive an anonymized report on the state of gender fairness for your organization. This is beneficial because it offers a simple yet comprehensive current snapshot of how mature your organization is in gender fairness.* This will give you insight into your current state and give you clarity on ways to improve. The maturity model is grounded in research so it can also serve as an effective strategy setting tool to create a roadmap of where the organization wants to go and at what pace.

*The survey's subject matter is focused specifically on women at this stage. We acknowledge the need to give further attention to non-binary genders and other marginalized groups based on race, ethnicity, ability, etc.

Benefits of Using the Model

  • Avoid loss of talented female leadership
  • Work toward a culture that values, rewards, and supports individual differences
  • Gain a better understanding of how gender inequality works
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Understand the barriers women face in the work environment
  • Build support for an environment that encourages candid conversations
  • Improve policies and procedures to support female equity
  • Develop actions to attain a competitive advantage  
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Consultant Highlight

The Women in Tech Maturity Model (WiTMM) is a joint project between the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and DiverseIn, a strategy consultancy that helps companies build inclusive and happier workplace cultures. 


If you are interested in working with a consulting firm to improve your organization's maturity level in gender equality, DAA recommends contacting DiverseIn. DiverseIn is an award-winning diversity and inclusion platform that helps companies to advance women in tech leadership, discover the potentials of their multicultural teams, design corporate mentorship programs, and develop aspiring inclusive leaders through online and in-person workshops, consulting services and media/event management. Some of our clients include HubSpot, Microsoft, Indeed, Zendesk, Verizon Media, VMWare. Founded by Furkan Karayel, an ex-software engineer who is an advocate for womenintech, diversity, inclusion and empowering female founders globally. 

Some of DiverseIn's trainings and programs: 
  • Women in Tech Leadership Development 
  • Building your leadership profile as a woman in tech 
  • Inclusive Intelligence: how to recognize and practice inclusive leadership 
  • Engaging diverse teams remotely 
  • Building engaging teams and the power of belonging
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