Awards for Excellence

The DAA Awards for Excellence are our industry’s way of recognizing the best and brightest individuals in the industry. It is also our thanks to the exceptional groups and technologies that make our work easier and more impactful every day. The Awards for Excellence are given out annually at the Awards for Excellence Gala held in conjunction with the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco.

President's Awards

The purpose of the DAA President’s Awards are to recognize DAA volunteers who stand out among all the volunteers. These are presented at the discretion of the President. Only presented when the President feels that individual members have gone above and beyond with their contributions to DAA.

Jim Novo Award

The Jim Novo Award of Academic Excellence honors Jim Novo’s dedication, knowledge and volunteer time applied towards creation of the UBC Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics program.

This award was launched in 2007. It is awarded annually by the DAA and the UBC Continuing Studies to the graduate with the highest grade average over all 4 courses of the UBC Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics.