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How to Elevate Your A/B Testing Practice With Applied Statistics
Krissy Tripp, Evolytics
Tuesday, January 23, 12 – 1 EST

CWA Professional Development Units: 1 PDU

How often are we throwing away insights because checking a p-value is easy? Our A/B Tests offer a wealth of data that we’re not taking advantage of when all we do is evaluate a p-value. By leveraging applied statistical methods such as hazard models, ANOVA, clustering, and regression, we can maximize our insights and the business impacts of A/B Testing. This webinar will walk you through how advanced statistical methods can evolve every step of the testing process.

Krissy Tripp, Manager of A/B Testing Strategy and Analysis at Evolytics, has spent the last year with Evolytics leading A/B testing initiatives with Intuit and Vail Resorts. She is passionate about empowering clients with testing capabilities that leverage advanced analytics to find business-changing answers.